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Yorkie Quiz

1. For what purpose were Yorkies bred?

The Yorkie was bred as a ratter, used to kill mice and rats in small places.
The Yorkie was bred as a pet.
The Yorkie was bred to guard sheep in the grass lands.

2. Why would I want to Spay/Neuter my Yorkie?

Decreased chance of mammary tumours or uterine disease in females who are spayed before her first heat cycles.
Decreased urge to mark territory, decreased interest in roaming and decreased aggression in males.
Both the above options are correct.

3. Where did the Yorkshire terrier originate from?

Yorkieville in Switzerland.
In Yorkshire, a rugged region in northern England.
Cape town, South Africa.

4. Should I feed my Yorkie table scraps?

Yes, especially if it offers a wide range of flavours and textures.
No, It can lead to canine obesity, intestinal upsets and nutritional imbalances.
Yes, Yorkies are not content eating a similar diet every day.

5. How do I prevent a flea infestation on my Yorkie?

Scientists have developed both topical and oral prescription medications that prevent fleas from biting and reproducing.
By feeding them onion or garlic.
Feeding puppy's brewer's yeast or applying it to the skin.

6. When should my Yorkie receive her first Rabies injection?

At 16 weeks and then once a year thereafter.
At 1 year old and then every 3 years.

7. How often should my Yorkie be vaccinated?

Puppies should be vaccinated at: 6-8 Weeks and 11-12 Weeks and 16 Weeks.
Adult dogs over 1 year old should be vaccinated once a year.
Both the above options are correct.

8. Why should I treat my Yorkie for worms?

They will eat too much food if not treated.
If left untreated, a minor 'dog worm problem' can turn into an infestation which can cause serious health problems.
Worms are harmless and should not be of any concern.

9. What should my Yorkie have access to at all time?

Their favourite toy.
Fresh drink water.
Dog treats.

10. How often should I bathe my Yorkie?

Bathe when stinky, but avoid overdoing it, as their skin is sensitive and they should be brushed out every day or so.
Should be brushed out every day but not bathed at all as their skin is too sensitive.
Bathed and brushed once a month is sufficient.

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