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Thanks for visiting our website. My name is Lynette and I would like to personally welcome you to SA Yorkies a site dedicated to the Yorkshire Terrier breed. This website has been developed with the sole purpose of helping you with all of your Yorkshire Terrier needs.

We genuinely want you to have the best possible experience you can with your Yorkie and have some fun along the way! I myself, have been involved in breeding with various dog breeds for the past 13 years.

It's often hard to know who to trust when it comes to reading someone's materials or purchasing a Yorkie pup isn't it? The internet has become full of thousands of websites making outlandish promises trying to tell you something that they have no experience of. We have dedicated this web page to provide the best and most updated and helpful information on Yorkies that you can find. We gather our information from many sources; Personal professional hands on Yorkshire Terrier experience, Other reputable Yorkie breeders, The best Veterinarians and other experts.

We also give our customers the personal care they deserve. I personally manage my customers needs and offer personal email consultation. We are able to answer all your Yorkshire Terrier questions through our unlimited email access to us. As you have probably found out already, this is a rare thing these days! Many other websites have someone with little experience reply to you or do not even reply at all.

I think the quality of our free services speaks for itself.

All the best.


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